Monday, November 17, 2014

Be the Light

A week or so ago I wrote a post about a nurse telling me "you are the light" when I was saying I didn't like being part of our potential donor family's sad story. 

Well I've been thinking about it. And our donor and his/her family are going to be the light in our sad story. 

The great thing is that every single one of us can "Be the Light"

I will admit that I did not give a second thought to organ donation until my own child was in need of a transplant. 

I had said yes on my drivers license, but never knew there would be a need for organs from children. 

I can completely understand why there are not a lot. 

Imagine your child is ill and dying, or tragically killed in an accident. Your world is ending and you are approached with the question of donating your child's organs. 

What an emotionally charged moment to be making such a big decision. 

I can imagine what some responses may be. 

I wonder what my answer would have been had I not needed someone to say yes to save my girl's life. 

I hope I would have said yes. And I will say yes if, heaven forbid, I am ever faced with that decision. 

I encourage you all to make that decision NOW. Know what you would answer before it becomes a reality. 

Hopefully it never is your reality. 

Also, if your child needed an organ to save his/her life, would you take it? 

If yes, then it's reasonably expected that you'd be willing to donate. 

A great place to register or find answers to questions about organ donation is 

This is is the face of organ donation for me::
I encourage everyone to "Be the Light" for someone in need. Let's eliminate the waiting list.  

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